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There was never a diagnosis. It was a rash the doctors couldn’t cure for months. Within 1 month of using the 15,000ng cream it was gone.

Margaret, Australia

My daughter came round yesterday and felt the trauma….and said OMG its smaller i can NEVER thank you enough. i can only PROMISE i will spread this to every 1 on the earth. may god bless you all

Anonymous live chat

Hello products are working great, every day I feel more and more effects in my brain. Tingly feelings moving throughout my head. I feel as if a hole in my brain is closing. My movement is much better. I feel smoother in my movement and when juggling it feels as if there is jumps in my coordination and I drop everything as my coordination is changed.I also am diversifying in my behaviours. I feel more interested in new things. Repetitive behaviour is changing. Also I see emotions more. I also have more attention.

DM United States

I forgot to tell you, I have been using 3 sprays in the nebulizer with Isaiah recently. He is becoming more social. Just this morning when my husband went to wake him, he said, “Good morning”. This was unprompted. Then when I said good morning to him he said, “Hi Mom”. Those are the little things that mean so much. It is like he is beginning to understand that we are here and we are his parents. It is wonderful and very welcome! We long to have conversations with him.


I have severe diverticulitis, I had only just started using the GlycoPlus on my lymphatic system when I had a bad flare up with diverticulitis, my instinct told me to just rub it on my abdomen. Well, I did, I applied it about 4 times over an 8 hour period and the pain subsided.

Since then, I have been using the GlycoPlus on my abdomen and also my lymphatic system and I have not had a flare up of diverticulitis and it has been 9 months. I read a little about it and found that when using the GlycoPlus, it helps with the immune system but also helps with inflammation, so the area of diverticulitis was inflamed, the GlycoPlus helped me with the inflammation and the pain relief was so needed. I will keep using this fantastic product daily as I have had health improvements

– Mary K Australia

I have been using GlycoPlus, for about 2 years, I have Crohn’s disease and nothing, but nothing has helped me in the past, so when a friend told me about this cream I was not expecting any change at all. Well I was surprised. My Crohn’s disease has improved, I have not had a flare up since I started using the cream now its 2 years, thank you GlycoPlus team for making this available

Marissa A Greece

I purchased your product after I visited a GP to get an opinion on the dark black growth on my head which I only noticed with my receding hairline, I believe it may have been caused by not wearing a hat in the sun in my early years, I am now 70 years old and the growth was getting darker and I was getting concerned on whether it was a melanoma growth, I decided to visit the local GP who recommended me to a specialist which inspected the growth and said that a biopsy would be required to diagnose the growth, I then asked whether this procedure would leave a scare and the specialist advised that the size of the scare would depend on how deep or how wide the growth went under the skin, after seeing some of the head scares on the elderly at shopping centres and on the web I decided I wasn’t very impressed with the diagnoses and decided to look around for an alternative method of reducing the size of the growth. So I then starting checking the internet and came across your product and decided to purchase, I started by applying the product cream on the dark growth on my scale after I had shower at night and after my shower in the morning, I would rub the cream into the growth until it was absorbed into the skin, I kept on applying cream for approximately 3 months and found that not only did the colour of the growth change to my skin colour but it had reduced in size also (Images attached). I now apply the cream on the near invisible growth 3 times a day morning, afternoon and night and never go outside without wearing a hat, another thing I noticed since I lost most of my hair that I had no sensation in my scalp and now I have a bit of a scratch and I can feel my scalp skin when I brush the remainder of my hair after a shower. I will keep in touch with you and send you images on my progress and I will be ordering more product from you when very soon.

3 stage photos showing growth getting smaller

Peter, Brisbane Australia

I have been getting cysts on my neck, therefore causing me really bad headaches. I came across GlycoPlus that a friend was using and he gave me his jar to use.

I started to use them on my cysts and they cleared up, and the headaches also stopped. This product worked on helping my immune system and got rid of my cysts and headaches are non-existent now

– Michael T Cyprus

I have seen and improvement of about 70% in using this product now for 12 months, I am very happy with the results and even talk about it in our support group as others have also joined me in purchasing this amazing product.

Debora A Connecticut USA

I am a 72 year old male, suffering from what doctors call BPH, benign prostate hyperplasia. I would get up to go to the toilet several times a night. I was exhausting, really.

A friend of mine had purchased products from GlycoPlus and told me he had the same issue, and after using the cream twice a day he had some relief.

Well I started on the cream not expecting anything really to happen and to my surprise, I was very happy with the results

I used the 15,000ng cream, I used it on my abdominal area, just the size of a pea, I applied it in the morning, then just before I went to bed, I really did not expect anything to happen, well to my surprise, instead of getting up several times to go to the toilet, I got up once and that was at 6am

In the past I would be up nearly every hour. It has been 3 months since I started this magic cream and I can honestly say that I go to bed and I can sleep through the night without getting up to go to the toilet. If I do need to go, it is around about 6 or 7 am which I would normally get up out of bed to start my day. I can say I am so happy with the product and happy to tell everyone my age that is experiencing what I have to try this cream it is great.

– Johnathan R Florida USA

I have been using GlycoPlus since 2019 as Covid came into my attention so did this product as I wanted to support my immune system. I can say that this product has helped me stay well and strong, I have been around people with colds, flu and covid, and I have not caught even a running nose. I will continue to use this product as I believe it has helped me a lot. Each winter I would get the flu but it has been nearly 3 and a bit years now and I have not had the flu or a cold.

-Thomas K NY USA

I bought the cream and spray to help my immune system, I had an abscess on my tooth, I went to the dentist and was told I may need anti biotics after the extraction, I told the dentist what I was taking and he said keep using it, I continued to use the spray and the cream and there was no need for anti-biotics, the specialist was very happy with my improvement

– Mackenzie Z Utah

I have a liver cyst, I was having pain intermittently, so I thought I could take the GlyoPlus and see if I could get any relief. I did not hold up any expectations as I had this for many years with pain intermittently. I have used the product now daily, on the lymphatic area and the area of concern and I can say I have not had any discomfort for 2 years, I will continue to use this product as it has helped me with this issue and also my immune system is stronger as I don’t get cold or flu

-Michael T Netherlands

I cannot thank the people at GlycoPlus enough, I had a chemo rash on my leg for months and months, nothing seemed to help this rash. My sister purchased the 8,000ng GlycoPlus cream and gave it to me, I knew it would not work as I had tried everything, well to my surprise it worked, it helped my leg heal and I continue to use this cream now for my immune system and any other skin disorders that may arise

Chemo rash on leg before and after

-Samantha K Kentucky USA

My first blood test reading was 159, it should be under or around 33. After 3 months I had a second nagalase test and the reading was 67. I have continued using the products and also stuck to my diet routine and life changes and now it is 9 months since last test and it is 39. I will always use this product to keep my immune system healthy and life changes to continue in good health

Maria P Italy

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