50,000ng Glycoprotein Sublingual Spray


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Bioidentical active glycoprotein formula suspended in a saline water solution. Contains 175 applications for 87 days usage (twice a day).


Activated glycoprotein immunotherapy sublingual spray (largest 25ml spray option)

This spray contains 50,000ng of our special activated glycoprotein formula suspended in a neutral saline solution. It is designed to be sprayed under the tongue and absorbed into the cappilaries and distributed throughout the broader blood/circulatory system. This helps activate monocytes in the blood, which also turn back into macrophages once reabsorbed back int other parts of the body. For this reason it is often used for blood-borne issues, infections/toxicity, respiratory problems, neurological conditions and other non-topical issues. With 286ng Gc per spray, this is quite a high level approach suitable for everything from general immune boosting to more advanced issues. For skin, lymphatic and topical conditions you may wish to use our transdermal creams instead, or a combination of both.

Total glycoprotein formula per bottle: 50,000ng
Sprays per bottle: 175 (lasts for 87 days used twice a day)
Glycoprotein formula per individual spray: 286ng

1 bottle lasts for 87 to 175 days (used once or twice a day)

Each bottle contains approximately 175 sprays. This means if you use it once a day for less aggressive issues or general immune boosting purposes, it will last for 175 days. If you use it twice a day, which is recommended for more serious and aggressive issues, it will last for 87 days. This represents very good value whether you are using it daily for general health or for treatment of an aggressive issue. If you are not sure where to start with our products, this spray is a very good option.

We do have a smaller 10ml spray which is exactly the same potency, but this only lasts for 35 days so you would need to purchase 2-3 bottles to use for the recommended 3 month period.

Sublingual application

For general immune boosting, prevention and minor issues: 1 spray per day in the evening
For more advanced and serious issues: 2 sprays per day, morning and evening

Spray once under the back of the tongue 15 minutes before or after eating/drinking. The goal is for the liquid to be absorbed through the thin layer of tongue tissue into the cappilaries and not digested. Clearing the mouth of saliva and holding the liquid for up to 30 seconds can assist this process.

Infographic of how the spray works

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm
Active Gc per bottle


Active Gc per spray


Number of applications

175 (lasts 87 days used twice a day or 175 days used once a day)


Will last for 1 year unopened and then a further 6 months after opening IF kept in the refrigerator between use.


For general immune boosting, prevention and minor issues: 1 spray per day in the evening. For more advanced and serious issues: 2 sprays per day, morning and evening. Spray once under the back of the tongue 15 minutes before or after eating/drinking. The goal is for the liquid to be absorbed through the thin layer of tongue tissue into the cappilaries and not digested. Clearing the mouth of saliva and holding the liquid for up to 30 seconds can assist this process.


For external use only, keep out of reach of children, do not ingest, do not apply to the eyes or other sensitive areas of the body and please use only according to the instructions.

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