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Active glycoprotein formula for enhanced immune boosting

The active ingredient in all GlycoPlus products is a special type of protein derived from immunoglobulin glycoproteins (Gc). It is extracted from raw bovine colostrum in our Australian clinical facility and added to the various other ingredients in our creams and sprays. This protein is bioidentical to one produced naturally in the body whose primary role is to aid immunity and help eradicate cellular threats.

Supplements special proteins for immune defense

The active protein in our products is produced naturally in healthy humans. However when the body becomes compromised by cellular threats, often this produces an enzyme which inhibits natural production – or – the body requires more to adequately defend against it. For this reason supplementing it provides extra reinforcement for the immune system to regulate imminent threats and bolster defense mechanisms. The active Gc protein in all GlycoPlus products is bioidentical to those which are produced in humans. How much (strength) of what you need to supplement depends on the severity of the issue or purpose for which you are using the products.

Made from a raw bovine colostrum base

Although we use organic Australian bovine colostrum as the base for our formula, the end result does not contain any dairy elements such as lactose, casein etc. so it is suitable for those who have a dairy intolerance or allergy. The colostrum is simply used as a base to extract, purify and molecularly alter the glycoproteins into an active state. The same effect is NOT obtained from consuming colostrum on its own. It has to go through a special process to molecularly alter the glycoproteins to turn them into an activated format. This is why other similar products on the market which contain unprocessed colostrum stating similar types of immune benefits are simply not the same. Colostrum is still very good for you but on its own it does not have the same immune bolstering effect.

Bottles of bovine colostrum

Supporting ingredients

Unlike our spray which only contains activated glycoprotein suspended in saline, our cream ranges contains numerous additional ingredients. These are added to help reinforce overall health & wellbeing, skincare and enhance the transdermal absorption process. For this we have 2 options:

Natural range – only contains 10% natural ingredients
Original range – contains a lot more additional ingredients but some are synthetic

The exact ingredients for each product can be viewed on their individual page in our shop.

Transdermal properties (creams)

Our cream formula has added ingredients such as hyularon to enhance transdermal absorption. This is a very convenient and effective administration method. The inclusion of low molecular weight ingredients which the Gc binds to, make it able to penetrate through the skin’s protective layers into the lymphatic system. Doing so helps supplement the Gc to activate immune cells responsible for regulating that particular area. This is a much easier, safer and more convenient application method than previously used by other manufacturers. For more detailed instructions on where and when to apply our creams, please view our instructions page on the button below.

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