About GlycoPlus

About our company and active glycoprotein formula.

About our company, products & formula

GlycoPlus was founded in 2011 with the goal of helping people with the best use-at-home glycoprotein immunotherapy products on the market. Based in Australia and abroad, our team comes from a variety of healthcare, science and research backgrounds. We are passionate about helping others and committed to continually pushing the boundaries of what the immune system is capable of achieving. Since starting the business we have been privileged to have helped customers from all across the world with a multitude of immune-related conditions.

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About our company

In the early days we worked with a laboratory and team of scientists to develop a unique activated glycoprotein formula. After extensive testing and development we bought our range of transdermal creams and sublingual sprays to market. As people began using them with great success, word quickly spread amongst family and friends. As the official distributors for GlycoPlus, our aim is to focus on making the best immunotherapy products and share them with the people who need them most. Please note that we are not doctors and all information on this site and relayed through customer support is not medical advice. We encourage our customers to independently research and seek medical advice from a doctor if required, before deciding to choose this approach.

About our active glycoprotein formula

Our active glycoprotein formula is derived from a bovine colostrum base. This raw product is processed through multiple stages in a GMP ISO22716 certified Australian laboratory to produce pure glycoprotein-derived proteins which are added to our range of creams and sprays. These are designed to activate macrophages and aggressively boost immune response against a wide range of issues. Our creams contain special ingredients such as hyularon to make them transdermal and effectively absorb through the skin into the lymphatic system. The low molecular weight binds the Gc particles and allows them to pass through the 7 layers of the epidermis. This is a much easier and safer method of administration than previous injectable formats from other manufacturers.

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What can it help and how to best use the products?

Due to the way our formula aggressively boosts the immune system, it is used to assist a very wide range of issues and conditions which the immune system is capable of regulating. The Gc-derived proteins activate macrophages into a homeostatic state capable of phagocytosis – the process by which abnormal cells are engulfed as part of immune defense. The immune system is responsible for helping regulate issues such as cancers, infections, immune disorders, toxicity, certain cognitive and neurological conditions, skin issues, plus many other conditions. This type of approach is known as immunotherapy. It is all about boosting the natural capacity of the immune system to defend, eradicate and help prevent the effects from abnormal cells in the body. Due to the scope of what the immune system is capable of influencing, there is quite a broad range of reasons for which our customers choose to use our products.

How to choose the best product for your needs

Our customers range from those simply looking to boost their immune system for general health and preventative measures through to those with more aggressive issues who typically use our higher strength products. We have a range of different product strengths and formats designed to suit these specific needs and budgets. To choose the option that is best for purposes we encourage you to view our recommendations page on the button below.

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Visit our online store to purchase the full range of GlyoPlus creams and sprays. All products are made and sent internationally from Australia via AusPost or DHL courier.

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